Hugh Black Founders Bonspiel


For 10 years the Fergus Curling Club has held a bonspiel in honour of Hugh Black who founded the town of Fergus as well as the Fergus Curling Club. The last surviving member of the family and still curling was Hugh Black, the great- great- grandson of the original Hugh Black. Hugh passed away last year but holds a special place in the curling club. This year Senator Rob Black, great- great- great grandson of the founder was at the club to toast the curlers. Actually, there were 4 members of the Black family in attendance on Dec.8 for the Founders Bonspiel. It is the custom of the curling club to pipe the curlers on to the ice for their first game and the tradition continued with two members of the Black family who are members in the Fergus Pipe Band, Adam Black son of Senator Black and Laurie Black-Rooney sister of Senator Black welcomed the curlers.

2018 Founders Toast

In the first photo is Senator Black on the left next to his father Bert and Janet Tolton event organizer.


2018 Results

2018 Founders Winners

The winners of the Spiel with 31 1/2 points are left: Mark Landoni skip, Shannon Curran second, Tim Hitchcock vice-skip and Brian Vink lead. Janet Tolton the event organizer is on the extreme left.