2019-2020 Membership Fees




You can register online or you can complete the following form and either mail it to the club or bring it to the Open House (adult members | junior / little rock members).  If you are using the print form, do not forget to complete the Volunteer Form.

Please Note

Early bird rates apply to fees paid on or before June 30, 2019.
HST is included in the fees (Juniors and Little Rocks are HST exempt)

Itemized Fee Schedule

Category Full Year Half Year
Early BirdRegular Early BirdRegular
New Adult Member$245.00$250.00$165.00$175.00
Returning Adult Member$245.00$250.00$190.00$200.00
Little Rock Member$85.00$100.00  
Junior Member$85.00$100.00  
Junior Curling in Adult Leagues$150.00$160.00  
Social Member$70.00$70.00  
Per League Fees$55.00$60.00$30.00$40.00
Capital Fee$30.00$40.00$15.00$20.00
Locker Fee$25.00$25.00  
Name Tag Replacement$7.50$10.00  

Sample Fees

Fees in brackets are regular fees if paid after June 30.

Membership Type Playing in 1 league Playing in 2 leagues Playing in 3+ leagues
Returning Adult Curler Full Year $330.00 ($350.00)$385.00 ($410.00)$440.00 ($470.00)
Returning Adult Curler Half Year $235.00 ($260.00)$265.00 ($300.00)$295.00 ($340.00)
New Adult Curler Full Year $275.00 ($290.00)$275.00 ($290.00)$275.00 ($290.00)
New Adult Curler Half Year $180.00 ($195.00)$180.00 ($195.00)$180.00 ($195.00)
Junior Member curling in regular leagues $150.00 ($160.00)$150.00 ($160.00)$150.00 ($160.00)


League Fees

Members who wish to upgrade from Fall Only to Full Year part way through the season should contact the Membership Director.

Upgrade fees will be as follows: New member = $80; Adult w/1 league = $100; Adult w/2 leagues = $125; Adult w/3+ leagues = $150.

New Adult Members

New adult members are those who have never been members of the Fergus Curling Club before.  As a new member, you may curl in as many leagues as you wish at no charge.  Also included is a name tag.