Fergus Curling Club
Operating Procedures under COVID-19 Conditions

The 2020/21 curling season will be like no other that the Fergus Curling Club has experienced in recent memory. In order for the club to operate this season, there will be a number of modifications made to how the building is used and how the game is played.

The following modifications will be in place, subject to changes to adapt to the ongoing directives from the local and provincial Health Authorities.

1. Entrance, Exit and Movement within the Building

  • It is expected that any member who feels unwell will not attend the club for any reason
  • Curlers arrive dressed to play no sooner that 15 minutes before draw time
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory in the building at all times except when noted in this document
  • Enter through main door
  • Boot and coat racks to be located under TV
  • Arrows on floor will indicate foot traffic flow
  • A table will be designated for each team
  • In order to minimize co-mingling and increased numbers in the lounge area there will be one
  • draw per evening. If numbers require it for these leagues, additional draws may be scheduled on
  • a Saturday or Sunday.
  • If two or more draws exist for a daytime league, the time between games will be extended to
  • allow each draw the opportunity to collect their belongings and exit the building before the next
  • draw enters.
  • The stairway closest to the bar will be used solely for going down into the basement and for
  • washroom access thru the Men’s locker room
  • The stairway closest to the main entrance will be used solely for going up from the basement to
  • the main floor
  • Exiting the ice will be done via door at sheet 4
  • Upon leaving the ice, curlers will collect their boots and coat and exit the building via the
  • exterior door nearest the bar
  • Spectators and non-curlers will not be allowed into the clubhouse

2. Hand sanitizer stations

  • Touchless hand sanitizers will be positioned on the buildings entrance and exit and at the entry and exits doors on the ice
  • Hand sanitizer bottles will be available on each sheet

3. Club House Set-up

  • All spectator chairs will be removed from the window viewing area
  • Current seating will be replaced by plastic chairs
  • Six tables will be positioned to give maximum distance between each table
  • Kitchen will be closed
  • Both locker rooms will be closed
  • Men’s and ladies’ washrooms will be limited to two occupants at a time

4. Ice Set-up

  • Three sheets will be installed for this season (this may be reconsidered depending on registration numbers).
  • Club brooms and stabilizers will not be available
  • Measuring equipment will remain accessible on the ice
  • Water coolers will be removed
  • Scoreboards will not be used
  • Coin spinners will be removed
  • Tissue and garbage receptacles will be available as usual for players on each sheet
  • Only the Head Ice Maker and the Ice Tech Asst’s will handle any ice maintenance, including mops

5. League Start Date

  • A start date of Monday, Jan 4/2021 and end date of April 30/2021 will give 16 weeks.

6. League Play

  • Convenors will maintain a weekly log of players for contract tracing purposes
  • Number of Players on each team will remain as four
  • Only one sweeper is permitted when a rock is thrown
  • Neither skip/vice is permitted to sweep any rocks in the house
  • Masks will be encouraged on the ice but are not mandatory at this time
  • Restricting leagues to only one draw in an evening to reduce the potential of intermingling of both draws in the clubhouse
  • A spare list will not be maintained for each league. Spares, if needed, will be drawn from teams within the league itself. As only one sweeper is required for each thrown rock, a team could adapt to a three-person model if one player was not available on a particular draw. If a team is reduced to two players and the opposing team has four, consideration should be given to allowing one of the four players to join the other team for that game and eliminate the forfeit. This will help to reduce contact of members between leagues.

7. Bonspiels

  • Hosting the regular series of FCC bonspiels will not take place this season
  • Bonspiels attended by only club members may be considered

8. Protocol for Positive COVID Case

  • Should a member suspect or be diagnosed as positive with the COVID virus, our local health department will require access to the contact list of the players within the league(s) that member plays
  • It would be expected that any other member that was in close contact with the infected member, would self-isolate for 14 days.
  • In all likelihood, this would be the member’s team and the team they played against most recently
  • Having increased distance between the sheets and mask wearing will help to reduce the close contact with other teams that play in the league
  • The league could continue but without the attendance of those two teams for the quarantine period
  • A deep clean of the building would be conducted with priority to the most likely areas that the infected member came in contact with

9. Cleaning of Rocks

  • The rocks in each house must be cleaned before each game
  • Two spray bottles of disinfectant and paper towels will be accessible at the home end of each
  • sheet.
  • Each member will take responsibility to clean their own rocks before play by spraying the
  • disinfectant onto the paper towel and then wiping the handles of the two rocks that member is
  • using during the game
  • No one will touch rocks other than their own

10. Bar (if the bar should open)

  • Masks are required in the clubhouse at all times except when a member is seated at their teams assigned table
  • The past practice of teams in a particular league rotating bar duty will not be used this season
  • An attempt to solicit dedicated, volunteer bartenders for each league will be made to reduce the number of people behind the bar over each week
  • In addition to running the bar on a particular night, the bartender will ensure that each table and chairs are cleaned with a disinfectant in addition to the bar surfaces, at closing
  • A bottle of disinfectant and a supply of paper towels will be provided at each table for a team member to clean their table and chairs
  • A credit system will be used in order to reduce the use of cash
  • A plexiglass barrier will be installed to give added protection to the bartenders
  • Bar opening will be restricted to a one-hour period after the completion of an evening draw
  • No draft products will be offered thereby eliminating the need for glassware
  • Taped marking on the floor every six feet will ensure members are adequately distanced when ordering at the bar

11. Cleaning of facilities

  • All tables, chairs, light switches, door knobs, hangers in addition to the three washrooms will be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis

12. Waivers and Declaration of Compliance

  • Should a member wish to curl this season, they must sign a waiver, acknowledging the risk of contracting the virus at the FCC
  • Members will also be required to sign a Declaration of Compliance to acknowledge that in the best interest in the health and safety our members, they will comply with the new procedures introduced this season.