Fergus Curling Club
Covid Protocol for Unvaccinated U12 Curlers
2021/22 Season

In order to provide a safe environment for our employees and our members and their families and allow our U12 unvaccinated members to curl, a different set or rules and protocols has been developed to comply with directives of the local Health, the province of Ontario Guidelines and recommendations from Curl Ontario.

1.    Requirements for Registering to Play

  • Registration for U12 curlers will be conducted separately from Adult Registration Dates
  • Prior to registration, we ask that parents/guardians and curlers read this document with the new procedures for the coming season in order to allow them to be fully informed as to what is expected this season
  • Parent/Guardian will have to sign an Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement for their child to participate in the program as before
  • Parent/Guardian must sign a Code of Conduct Agreement in relation to Concussion protocol as before
  • Parent/Guardian must sign Declaration of Compliance-Covid 19 to acknowledge that in the best interest in the health and safety our members, they will comply with the new procedures introduced this season

2.    Entrance, Exit and Movement within the Building

  • It is expected that anyone who feels unwell will not attend the club for any reason
  • Arrive dressed to play no sooner that 15 minutes before session time
  • Wearing of masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing measures are mandatory in the building at all times for unvaccinated curlers
  • Enter through main door
  • The CurlON Contact Tracing App Tablet will be available at the entrance for sign in process. The Contact tracing procedure is to be followed by all people entering the building. Prior to signing in please take the Covid Assessment Test posted and if you are answering YES to any of the questions DO NOT ENTER but return home, self-isolate and make arrangements to get tested for Covid-19. Otherwise scan your QR Code or enter your contact information into the device if you are not yet in the database- curlers and parents alike.
  • Boot and coat racks to be located under TV
  • Arrows on floor will indicate foot traffic flow
  • a table will be designated for groups for their use by the convener
  • The stair closest to the main entrance will be used solely for exiting the basement to the main floor
  • Exiting the ice will be done via door at sheet 4
  • Upon leaving the building, curlers will collect their boots and coat and exit the building via the exterior door nearest the bar

3.    Hand sanitizer stations

  • Touchless hand sanitizers will be positioned at the building’s entrance and exit and at the entry and exit doors on the ice

4.    Club House Set-up

  • All spectator chairs will be removed from the window viewing area
  • Eight tables will be positioned to give maximum 6-foot distance between each table
  • Kitchen will be out of bounds (No hot chocolate available)
  • Both locker rooms will be out of bounds. After the first session this could be reassessed.
  • Men’s and ladies’ washrooms will be limited to two occupants at a time

5.    Ice Set-up

  • All four sheets to be in play.    
  • Measuring equipment will remain accessible on the ice
  • Water coolers will be removed.  May bring own water bottles for your use only.
  • Score boards will to be in play. Vices to be the only ones to keep score and are responsible for cleaning the pieces after use
  • Coin spinners will be removed
  • Tissue and garbage receptacles will be available as usual

6.    Equipment

  • Club brooms and stabilizers will be available.  Must be sanitized before use and must be assigned to a specific child  
  • Taping of shoe will be done if child does not have own equipment
  • Grippers and sliders will be assigned to curler if appropriate. These will be placed in individual bags with names at session end and stored in a tote to be handed out each week
  • Light Rocks will need to be numbered to allow child to identify the rocks they will be using
  • Masks on the ice will be mandatory
  • ?? if Hack Mechanism in middle of Ice 1 is necessary??
  • House in middle of Ice 1 is used

7.    Bonspiels

  • Hosting the regular series of FCC bonspiels will not take place (this could be reassessed in the new year)
  • Bonspiels attended by only club members are permitted (Jacob’s Bonspiel)
  • Before a decision is made to proceed with a bonspiel, consideration needs to be given the increased risk of virus transmission due to the unavoidable co-mingling of members in a draw plus the congestion expected in the club house between draws.


8.    Cleaning of Rocks

  • The rocks in each house must be cleaned before each session
  • Two spray bottles of disinfectant and paper towels will be accessible at the home end of each sheet.  
  • Each curler, with assistance, will take responsibility to clean their own rocks before play by spraying the disinfectant onto the paper towel and then wiping the handles of the two rocks that member is using during the session

9.    Cleaning of facilities

  • Arrangements will be needed to have all tables, chairs, light switches, doorknobs, hangers in addition to the three washrooms cleaned on a daily basis