Groundhog Open Bonspiel

February 2 is Groundhog Day in North America and in honour of Ontario's own "Wiarton Willy" the Fergus Curling Club held a bonspiel in memory of the little rodent. The food was cooked by Mike Baker and crew with a "Road kill" theme. Delicious ribs, sausage and chicken was served up along with potatoes, salad and a vegetable as well as dessert. The spiel is a very popular one for the club as indicated that it is filled with a full compliment of 16 teams signed up before mid November.


Groundhog 2017 1

This years winners of the first draw were L to R: Jason Beierling vice-skip, Ashley Falconer skip, Cailey McCutcheon second, and
Lorenzo Erignoli from the K-W Granite Curling Club. Bob Fleischauer in the back was the organizer along with Andy Blackmore.

Groundhog 2017 2
The overall winning team from the second draw with 481/2 points was from the Acton Curling Club consisting of L to R:
Liz Leslie vice-skip, Sean Djy second, Barb Nicholson lead, and Jim Lindsay skip.
Bob Fleischauer who organized the event along with Andy Blackmore is on the left.

Groundhog 2017 3
Since the team from Action won the Groundhog Bonspiel at the Fergus Curling Club on Jan. 29 the winning team from Acton presented the
two organizers left Andy Blackmore and Bob Fleischauer with a t-shirt special for the occasion by Laurie Leighton.


Photos courtesy of Bill Longshaw