Fergus Ladies Curling Club Executive

At the end of the 1998-99 curling season, the Ladies Curling Club was amalgamated with the Fergus Curling Club.  At the Annual General Meeting, six women were elected to the Board of Directors of the Fergus Curling Club along with six men.  Dianne Lindsay became the first president of the new Board in 2000.

Year President Secretary Treasurer
1954-55 Ruth Middlemiss Jean Beattie  
1955-56 Eva Wilson Mary Hayes  
1956-57 Eva Wilson Mary Hayes  
1957-58 Dorothy Forrester Shirley Munro Mary Hayes
1958-59 Mary Aitchison Shirley Munro Lucy Russell
1959-60 Effie Anderson Belle Avruskin Betty Howes
1960-61 Marj Ritchie Belle Avruskin Betty Howes
1961-62 Marg Kerr Doreen Howatt Jean-Marie Beattie
1962-63 Irene White Doreen Howatt Jean-Marie Beattie
1963-64 Dorothy Nelson Doreen Howatt Jean-Marie Beattie
1964-65 Lucille Sutherland Doreen Howatt Alma Thomas
1965-66 Mary Jones Doreen Howatt Alma Thomas
1966-67 Kay Oldfield Doreen Howatt Alma Thomas
1967-68 Mary Aitchison Doreen Howatt Alma Thomas
1968-69 Joyce Taylor Doreen Howatt Betty Ostic
1969-70 Flora Nixon Doreen Howatt Peggie Dickie
1970-71 Marg Kerr Doreen Howatt Peggie Dickie
1971-72 Mary Jones Peggie Dickie Alma Thomas
1972-73 Mary Jones Peggie Dickie Alma Thomas
1973-74 Lanore MacKenzie Peggie Dickie Alma Thomas
1974-75 Doreen Howatt Norma Harrop Dorie Scott
1975-76 Betty Woods Norma Harrop Dorie Scott
1976-77 Marion Smeltzer Norma Harrop Dorie Scott
1977-78 Chris Taylor Norma Harrop Mary-Anne Kassin
1978-79 Donna Povey Karen Leatherbarrow Mary-Anne Kassin
1979-80 Jill Varnell Dorothy Nelson Nettie Woodhouse
1980-81 Ada Wiszniak Marlene Shaw Nettie Woodhouse
1981-82 Linda Sinclair Pat McGowan Eileen Little
1982-83 Esther Clark Cheryl Ostic Eileen Little
1983-84 Barbara Wightman Carol Skeoch Eileen Little
1984-85 Cindy Lindsay Carol Skeoch Eileen Little
1985-86 Myrna Dyson Carol Skeoch Eleanor Small
1986-87 Cindy Driscoll Sheila Dixon Lorna Manderson
1987-88 Gloria Oakes Sheila Dixon Lorna Manderson
1988-89 Gloria Oakes Sheila Dixon Dorie Scott
1989-90 Janice Sheehan Sheila Dixon Donna Bessey
1990-91 Marilyn Kearn Sheila Dixon Donna Bessey
1991-92 Gloria Longshaw Barb Murray Shelly White