Little Rocks Bonspiel : 2019

 2019 Juniors

For quite a few years  M&M Food Market in Fergus has sponsored a bonspiel for the little rock curlers ages 5-9. This year teams from Palmerston, Ayr, Burlington, K-W Granite, Hamilton Victoria and 2 from the Fergus Curling Club competed for the trophy. As a safety feature all the children were asked to wear protective head gear. This is something that is creeping into adult curling because a fall on the ice can result in serious injury and concussion. This years winners were from the K-W Granite Curling Club consisting of L to R: Vladimir Skadorov lead, Ethan Kiers skip, Logan Desormeau vice-skip and Katya Skadorov second, with a total of 29.5 points.
Calum McGeachie and Lynda Waterhouse were the organizers of the spiel.