October 1, 2020

Greetings Curling Community,

Welcome to a novel 2020-21 curling season. In order for the Fergus Curling Club to operate this season, we have established 4 Main priorities:

  1. Safety for our Members and Community First.
  2. We want current and new members to Curl at the Fergus Curling Club in 2020/2021.
  3. We are Planning Only to “Break Even Financially” for the Season.
  4. The Membership and Board is to Maintain Flexibility and Respond Accordingly as New Information Becomes Available from the ministry and public health.

To meet the goals outlined above, we have proposed to do so based on many of the comprehensive recommendations of the Opening Committee appointed by the FCC Board and made up of seasoned members. We thank them for their suggestions and guidance. Their objective was to examine what steps are needed to play this season in a financially viable, healthy and safe environment. Opening will be conditional upon the members’ response to this letter - to curl or not to curl. We will need at least 160 curlers registered and paid by October 15, 2020 in order to begin making ice. Below are highlights of what we propose the season will look like. * Please visit the Club’s website : www.ferguscurling.ca for more in depth details.

The Season

Curling would begin about January 4, 2021 and run through to April 30, 2021, which is 16 weeks.


Each FCC member or community supporter is asked to pay a minimum $100.00 Sustainability Donation to help ensure our ongoing existence as our beloved oldest continuous Curling Club in Ontario. This is your club, organized and supported by volunteers.

An additional $300.00 can be paid for unlimited curling, as available. The $300 will be refunded if the ice plant is not started. Should the season start and then be shutdown early for any reason, the Board will consider a refund (of the curling fee only) after we’ve covered our costs. The fixed cost of bills and our commitment to the Ice Making team are significant.

The 16 week season we are proposing at $400/curler works out to only $25/week for unlimited curling! The fees have been established to allow us to break even. When compared to an average of $65/round of golf, or $40 for 2hrs bowling that is fantastic value!

The Clubhouse

Basic changes with health and safety in mind include changes to where we enter, where we leave. Where we sit. How we socialize. The premises will be extensively cleaned prior to opening. Daily cleaning will take place when we are operational.

The Ice

Three sheets will be installed to allow for physical distancing on the ice. Club brooms and stabilizers will be removed, water cooler will be removed, scoreboards out of bounds, only Ice Maker’s team to mop, prep and maintain the ice.

The Game

Four players or doubles, one sweeper, no skip or vice to sweep in the house, masks encouraged on the ice but not mandatory so far, distancing on ice in accordance with Curl On proposal, (see illustration in Curl On website) sanitizers and paper towel will be located on the ice level. Players clean their own two rocks prior to play. All players are to show up already dressed to curl (with the exception of shoes – chairs provided to put shoes on).

Little Rocks and Junior Curling

There will be no Little Rocks or Junior Program this year. Jr curlers aged 12-19 are welcome to participate in the adult leagues.

The Bar

The question as to opening the bar will be considered over the next couple of months. We hope to do so based on a debit / credit method only - no cash.

Waiver and Declaration of Compliance

Anyone curling must assume the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus by signing documents which will be provided prior to your first time on the ice.

It is your Club and it is your commitment to it that keeps us going. If you choose not to play this season, your $100 minimum sustainability donation is greatly appreciated.

We need your commitment (registration and payment) no later than October 15. Payment may be made online using a credit card or e-transfer. If you are unable to use one of the online methods, we will have people at the club ready to accept cheques or cash on Wednesday October 7/20 from 2 – 4 pm and Tuesday October 13/20 from 6:30 - 8:30pm.

There may be a directive to shut down at any time before or after the season begins, whether due to a local Covid outbreak or by Provincial order. On the other hand there may be changes in the Provincial guidelines that permit us to modify the rules in favour of more leniency. Either way be sure that we the board will do everything we can to ensure a Safe, Sustainable, Flexible curling season for all of us.

For more information on Return to Play Guidelines, please see the following from Curling Canada