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When you registered, you should have received an email containing your password. If you didn't, check your spam/junk folders for an email that came from [email protected] If you cannot find the email, you can request that the system send you another one below.

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If you have an email address but it is not in the database or it has changed contact us.

Important Note:

The programme will calculate your fees based on the leagues you select to play in and the seasons you decide to register for.

If you want to change the leagues that you are registered in, you may return to the registration process at any time and make the desired changes.  If the change results in a change in your dues, the system will recalculate your dues.  If you owe more, you may pay by eTransfer, cheque or online by credit card.  If you owe less, the treasurer will be notified by the system and will contact you.

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