Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones Bonspiel


2019 Sticks 2
With the start of the curling season comes the season of bonspiels. A bonspiel is a tournament for curlers to enjoy good curling and fellowship and the Fergus Curling Club has an abundant number of them at least 12 during the curling season which is from October to April. On Nov. 15 the first bonspiel was held hosted by Bruce Hawkins and is aptly named the "Sticks and Stones Bonspiel". The same rules apply as regular curling but the stone must be delivered with a special stick. This was invented a few years ago as a way for folks to stay in curling who find it hard to bend down to deliver the rocks.
The winners this year were from the Guelph Curling Club L to R: Tony Saretta one of the organizers, lead John Phelps, second Rob Peacock, Vice-skip Wally Piech, skip Ross Bairstow and host Bruce Hawkins.


2019 Sticks 1
Along with the curling component Hawkins asks the participants to save the tabs from tin cans through out the year to be taken to the Elora Legion to be sold for wheel chairs to be given to those who need them. To date the Legion have presented 2,274 wheel chairs. This year Hawkins believes he has received the most number of tabs since he started this bonspiel in 2005.


Photo: Bill Longshaw