Summary of Fergus Curling Club COVID Protocols Fall 2021

This is a summary of the procedures created to allow us to continue to play our sport, which is a passion for many, in a way that is financially viable and most importantly to ensure that top priority is given to the health and safety of our members. 

Vaccination Policy:  Proof of double vaccination will be required on registration to become a member of the club.

Waivers/Liability and Declaration of Compliance:  Members will be required to complete a Waiver of Liability and a Declaration of Compliance with COVID-19 protocols upon registration. #8-Travel policy in Declaration of Compliance changed for Double Vaccinated Members- if you do not have to quarantine or isolate when you return to Canada you do not have to quarantine/isolate to return to the FCC.

Mask Policy:  Masks must be worn in “warm” areas of the club including the lounge and change room.  Masks may be removed when seated at a table having a drink.  Masks are encouraged on the ice but are not mandatory at this time.

Contact Tracing/COVID Screening Procedure:  It is expected that any member who feels unwell will not attend the club for any reason.  The CURLON Contact Tracing App Tablet will be available at the entrance for sign in process.  The Contact Tracing Procedure is to be followed by all people entering the building.  Prior to signing in please take the COVID Assessment Test posted- the main symptoms now are if you are not feeling well, have a changed cough or have abnormal shortness of breath DO NOT ENTER but return home, self isolate and make arrangements to be tested for Covid-19.  Otherwise scan your QR Code or enter your contact information into the device if you are not yet in the database.  QR codes will be e-mailed to all registered members or printed for members without Internet access and given out on first curling attendance. 

Capacity:   We are allowed to use all 4 sheets of ice for curling but are limited to 50% capacity in our club room which limits us to 60 people. There will be no spectators allowed.  Eight tables will be set up at least 6 feet apart with 4 people per table to accommodate one draw.  For leagues having 2 draws, the early draw may use their table/chairs for their coats, however the late draw will use the coat racks and proceed down the stairs yielding to traffic on the stairs and on to the ice.

Lockers:  Although arriving ready to play is encouraged, lockers will be available.  Masks must be worn in locker rooms.

Kitchen/Bar/Club House:  The kitchen will remain closed for first session then reassessed.  The bar will be available for one hour after each draw.  A POS system with debit will be available.  Masks must be worn unless seated at table having a drink.  Obey physical distancing of 6 feet when lining up for drinks.  Use table assigned for your team. Follow signage and arrows when moving about in Club House.  Men’s and Ladies washrooms will be limited to 2 occupants at a time.

Game Play:  Masks are not mandatory- wear at your own discretion. Prior to playing the league convener or designate will confirm with all players that they self-screened and signed in on the CurlON Contact Tracing App Tablet.  Enter ice area by middle stairs from basement.  No handshakes- tap brooms, nod, verbal acknowledgments OK.  Use own coin or app to determine hammer.  Bring your own water bottle.  One member of the team will clean all the rock handles for their team before the game starts. Each member will use their own 2 rocks and will be the only person to touch those 2 rock handles during the game. Club brooms and stabilizers must be sanitized before use and used by one curler only.  Physical distancing is encouraged during game play.  Two sweepers allowed. Decals on ice guide waiting team members where to stand to maintain physical distancing.  Vices and Skips may sweep in the house maintaining physical distancing.  Vices only will keep score and will be responsible for sanitizing numbers at end of game and replacing in holders.  Measurers must be sanitized after each use. Exit ice by stairs at Sheet 4.

Spares:  In light of new information Members will be allowed to spare in all leagues.

This is a condensed version of the Fergus Curling Club COVID Protocols.
For a more complete guide please find the full version on the website.
Updated Oct 15, 2021