Two Sailors Bonspiel

2017 Results

How does it happen to have a curling bonspiel named after two sailors? Fergus is basically landlocked with nearly no connection to the sea. Ten years ago Gary Waterhouse and John Anderson who are members of the Fergus Curling Club and ex-sailors got together to plan and host a bonspiel at the club sponsored by Eccelstone Financial. This year on Jan. 7 like other years there was a full compliment of 16 teams seeking the coveted trophy. This year an anomaly occurred which is very rare in curling. After 3 games from the first draw and three games from the second draw the winners from each draw were virtually tied with more than 40 points. Instead of trying to decide an overall winner Gary and John decided to put both names on the trophy and declare it a tie to the delight of both teams.

Two Sailors 2016 First Draw

Winners of the first draw were from the Fergus Curling Club L to R:
Phil Chester third, Sue Chester second, Chris Taylor skip and Robert Chester playing lead, Gary Waterhouse and John Anderson are on the ends

Two Sailors 2016 Second Draw

Jason Biehan second, Sharon Hovestadt third, Lesley Ann Bowen lead, and Craig Ireland skip from Brant Curling Club winners of the second draw. Anderson is on the left and Waterhouse is on the right.